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i'd kill to remember and you drink to forget
it's just your tongue you'll choke on
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26th-Apr-2011 01:05 am(no subject)
as dramatic as this sounds i'm pretty sure without chantal and jessie in my life i'd probably have shot myself in the face, or put into a psych ward long ago.

thank you ladies <3
31st-Mar-2011 01:03 am(no subject)
 quality time with jess friday.
dancing with orpheus saturday.
celtics with alberto sunday
which also means lots of cuddling sunday night.

yeah i'm happy.

p.s. tilly, am i still dying your hair tonight?
If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?

special agent anthony dinozzo.
i just love him.

or gibbs, cause he's so damn badass.

seriously every character on NCIS is amazinggg
23rd-Mar-2011 04:18 pm(no subject)
life is good.

i gots a cuddle buddy, like 4 offers for dates, and best of all...all the ME time i could ever hope for 

in addition to a set of jason aldean tickets with my cute country boy & floor seats to avenged sevenfold & three days grace.
 dannyx2x7x (11:08:07 PM): im still not over u baby. im not over the fact that someone else has the one commodity in my life that was exactly wut i wanted. somebody else has that one and only shirt in the world that fits me perfectly. i hate unraveling myself like this and i have never really done it for anyone, but its been months and im just at a point where i dont know wut else to do. i dont care about myself or anyone else as much as i still care about u. believe me i dont choose it to be this way, but at this point it just is wut it is. i understand that u moved on and u are more or less done with wut we started, and to be honest with you, if you REALLY are going to be happier with him, then i am truly happy for u, but its just not easy for me to watch, because no matter wut i see him do for u, i will always think that u are making a mistake because i could have done it better

this is from over a month ago, but i reread it recently and it made me smile i guess...

anthony and i are taking a break...how long is up for grabs. he is just too intense for me. he's like all ready to get married and move in and that shit and i'm like DUDE I'M TWENTY ONE. i need time to grow up, or at least to be with someone who is still growing up with me.

i've since deactivated my facebook because he stalks it, and if he did while i was his g/f it will probably increase tenfold once i told him i need a break. there was just so much wrong with that relationship that i let slide and i shouldn't have. i should have to sensor myself so i dont offend him, i shouldnt have to tell my ex that just came home from war that i can't see him because anthony will get upset so i'm done. we'll see what time has to offer.

in the meantime i'm going on vacation with chantal in 18 days? yeah its gonna be amazing.
and i've been able to hangout with danny which is great, we just get along that well. he came with me to get my tattoo touched up yesterday because i needed someone to distract me. after we went to his house and he went downstairs with joel and they recorded music and i talked to his mom for like 4 hours. it was so comfortable, i just love his family. and joel was even really nice, which i wasn't sure how that would go because obviously he knows whats going on with steph but i dont want any part of it. i talk to danny when they fiight but i stay impartial, it isn't my business, its his. his mom and i discussed everything from good booze to vacations to his deployment. i found out that she really stood up for me when he came home and explained how hard it is for everyone here. i think what she said to him is why he and i can talk and be friends and i'm so thankful for that. seriously he has the best mom ever, we told him that he was gonna move to my house and i'd take his room instead cause they like me better. thats comfort right there :)

right now its just nice to not have a clingy boyfriend to worry about and to have my best friend back, i'll deal with everything else later. 
27th-Oct-2009 09:28 pm(no subject)
i think i'm dying

and trailers for Dear John make me sad.
22nd-Oct-2009 01:24 am(no subject)

so excited, you don't even know.

now back to studying!
19th-Oct-2009 10:07 pm(no subject)
things at school are stressful of course, but nights like tonight with hour and a half dinners and house make it all better.

danny leaves in 12 days to go to louisana :( I'm really not looking forward to that...but he'll be back on the 20th.

oh and Sam's bachelorette party was awesome! as was dinner with Chantal last night (:
30th-Sep-2009 09:06 am(no subject)
yesterday after class and work I ended up spending the day with my mom and my brother. which was wicked fun (: i don't really get to see them because my schedule conflicts sooooo badly with my moms its ridiculous.

so we got pizza with my brother then my mom and i got our nails done. i got a pedicure and she got a manicure. i needed one wicked badly too so now my nails are nice and pretty. but when we were driving to get my brother my mom was telling me about the last time she went to big y. she's like i was walking by produce and i'm pretty sure i walked by cory. [she hates him mind you, like realllly hates him for all the bullshit] then shes like and the weird thing is after i walked by him this heavyset girl like followed me through the store to the register. she had dark hair.
SO! obviously we know my take on this, that idiot had shamu follow my mom. he must be touched in the head! like really, how dumb are you? i proved i don't wanna have anything to do with you when i ignored you in big y, so having that whale follow my mom is ridiculous.
i almost wish i was there cause i think she did it to get to me, and uhm hello idiot...way to cost your boyfriend his job. not to mention be wicked immature.

luckily i wasn't there and shamu didn't have the balls to talk to my mom cause she might have gone off. but it was a funny story when i heard it last night. hopefully shes not there next time i have to go in though, i dont wanna deal with it.

anyway after we got our nails done i found friends season 4 for $15! so of course i picked it up. then we headed to marshalls and i was looking for like knockoff ugg boots and i found some really cute ones. i also found that i fit into kids sizes, so when i get a pair i'll get those, they're cheaper and look exactly the same. then danny texted me at like 7 saying he was gonna be out of work by 1030 so he ended up coming over and hanging out. i baked him cookies (FINALLY) for his birthday which was 9/14, he also changed my mom's headlight thankfully (: wicked pain the in ass though. then he stayed over and brought me to school for 8. mind you we stayed up until like 330-4 so i was falling asleep on the way there so as we're going down rt 9 to my school he's like bay wake up for a minute and he pulled into a dunkin donuts and got me coffee. so now i'm awake and happy (:

i probably wont see him much until sunday because he has work & drill which sucks but there isn't much o can do of course. but sunday is the seether concert at the big e which jess and joel are going to. then friday is the celtics game, i should be getting the tickets by the 5th/6th. so that friday he's gonna get me from school, we're gonna go to brockton to see his dad, then going to the game (:

okay now i'm gonna chill until class.

BTW! read this please! http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/09/candice_potter_of_springfield.html

its an article for Russ ♥
i honestly cannot remember being this happy with someone. everything is just working, nothing is one sided. we both work to make the other happy and it's not even actually work. for instance this weekend i had a terrible night with my father. he scared me and was mean to me which sounds like i'm being childish but with my dad he's never anything but nice to me. like he'll make fun of me, but he's never mean. and the night danny got out of work at midnight by chance and he came and got me. and he just held me and rubbed my head until i felt like talking about it. he calmed me down and just made everything better. then he spent the night at my house and we had breakfast with my mom in the morning. it just works out so well, and tomorrow we're going to get me a verizon phone because i can't stand tmobile anymore and then we're going to the big e.

i'm just extremely happy.

now to actually do my work :x
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